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Heyhoe Surveys has quality control procedures in place on each and every project we undertake, providing clients with a service that is of a consistently high standard, while the size of our company allows us to remain competitively priced.

Heyhoe Surveys uses the top-of-the-range Trimble RTK GPS systems for our mining and exploration applications. The very high accuracy of the Trimble RTK GPS combined with high-powered base radios and repeaters, allows us to cover large areas effectively and accurately.

We expect our GPS Systems to have highly accurate repeatability of +/-0.02m horizontal and +/-0.03m vertical.


At Heyhoe Surveys we see safety as the highest priority.

Not only do we ensure that we work to the policies and procedures as set out in our safety management plan, but we also absolutely adhere to all relevant site policies and procedures specified by our clients. Our company has systems in place to negate risk and to encourage a positive culture of safety awareness.

Our Toyota vehicles are outfitted to exceed or at least comply with standard minesite OHS requirements.  As we operate in remote areas, we have implemented additional safety measures such as satellite communications, SPOT tracker location device, extra water storage, extensive first aid kits, and first aid and 4wd training for staff.