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Our clients are assured an accurate, efficient and reliable service with Heyhoe Surveys. We offer the following services (click for more details)

Tenement Boundary Surveys (DMIRS)

Heyhoe Surveys is approved by the DMIRS to undertake the surveying of tenement boundaries. This is a core service supplied by our company, and decades of experience in Tenement Boundary Surveys results in an accurate and efficient process allowing us to be competitively priced.

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Tenement Pegging

We are able to mark out tenements anywhere in Western Australia with fast mobilisation if required. We can advise on the configuration of tenements, prepare the Form 20s and Form 21s, as well as oversee the lodging of applications.

We understand the importance of getting the pegging done right the first time and, having pegged thousands of tenements over the years, our clients can be confident of our work.

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Tenement Field Investigations

Heyhoe Surveys offer on-site investigation and assessment of tenement entitlement issues and queries, with the subsequent creation of reports as required. We also can undertake surveys to determine whether existing infrastructure is contained within relevant tenements.

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Drill Hole Surveys

We can undertake a survey of existing holes and the setting-out of proposed drill locations.

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Volumes and Earthworks

Heyhoe Surveys offers Stockpile Volume Surveys, earthwork calculations and set-out.

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Topographic Surveys

We undertake digital terrain modelling of existing and prospective deposits as well as pits, Tailings Storage Facilities and mining infrastructure. Heyhoe Surveys can also survey cleared areas and boundaries for environmental and heritage reporting requirements.

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Establishment of Survey Control

We can establish accurate and permanent Survey Control for prospective mines and remote prospects.

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Aerial Photo Control

Heyhoe Surveys can establish and survey Aerial Photo Control.

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